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Kingman Turquoise Arrow Tip Earrings by Skylar Glandon


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Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

You are looking at a pair of earrings that were designed and handmade by Skylar Glandon here at Stagecoach. These have a highly unique design unlike anything that we have made or seen before. Read on to learn more about these neat earrings!

These earrings feature two gorgeous Kingman turquoise stones, each with a fantastic brown webbing that weaves its way throughout. I really love stones like this that have such interesting personality. These stones match well too, which can be surprisingly difficult to find for genuine turquoise.

Even with such lovely turquoise, the silverwork is quite possibly the most interesting part of these earrings. Skylar added a textured border around the stones and three small silver balls on either side. Dangling below this section you will find a silver arrow tip. This has a cross section that gives these arrows a three-dimensional effect. You should take note that silver does not come this way and these arrows were made entirely by hand. These silver pieces were cut and soldered together in this cross fashion. Skylar Glandon also hand-engraved lines to form two separate sections within these arrows. The upper section was then textured and oxidized to match the border around the turquoise.

A lot of thought and design went into creating these unique earrings. In fact, it wasn't entirely clear in the beginning whether the arrow tips would work as planned. Fortunately, they turned out great and give these turquoise earrings a bold and dynamic style.

These earrings are a little over two inches long and measure about half an inch wide. They have handmade sterling silver posts on the back. Despite the solid arrows that dangle from the bottom, these are lightweight and comfortable.