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Milky Kingman Turquoise Ring by Gary Glandon


Handmade Kingman Turquoise Jewelry

We are tremendously proud to have our own silversmith right here at Stagecoach who creates beautiful turquoise jewelry. Gary Glandon learned silversmithing decades ago from Native American artists and has been making his own pieces ever since. This natural Kingman turquoise ring is one of his newest creations. To ensure the quality, Gary picks out his stones directly from the individual miner's selections. This stone is entirely natural, meaning that it has not been stabilized, treated, or altered in any way. Only the highest quality turquoise stones (less than 5%) can be used in jewelry in their natural form. The stone that you see in this ring has a milky blue coloring with a matrix running throughout. Unusual stones seem to speak to Gary because his jewelry often features beautiful, atypical turquoise such as this.

It is not just the turquoise that makes this ring alluring. Gary added some nice silver detailing around the stone as well. Keep in mind that this is all made by hand and each piece is different. Gary really loves this leaf styling because it pays homage to his teacher, Les Baker, who was a master at this look. Notice the unique band that Gary made with this turquoise ring. It has two engraved border lines along with a textured look that was adding using a specialized hammer. It is a heavy shank that is sure to last for years. Add all of these wonderful features together and you have a gorgeous turquoise ring that you are sure to love.

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