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Monkey Forevermore Doll


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Handcrafted Forevermore Doll Collection

Introducing the Forevermore Doll collection, from master Halloween sculptor Brian Blair. Each doll is wearing a latex mask depicting different spooky creatures. They are specifically made to look grimy, just like something you might have found in your attic. The Forevermore Dolls are the perfect combination of creepy and adorable. I purchased my own and plan on adding a new one every year. They will make a really fantastic collection!

This is the Monkey Forevermore Doll. The doll head is wearing a mask that appears to be made of a fossilized monkey face. The fur and tiny tooth make this look alarmingly realistic. You are going to love creeping your friends and family out with this incredible Forevermore Doll!

Each doll is handcrafted and we only have one in stock. To order multiple, please contact us at 308-234-3313.

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