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Navajo Number 8 Turquoise Bracelet

Number 8 Turquoise Jewelry

This bracelet has beautiful Number 8 Turquoise set on top. This mine was closed in 1976 and since then there has been a small stockpile available on the market. However, we have just recently begun having difficulties finding it, and we suspect you we will not be able to get Number 8 Turquoise for too much longer. This stone is known for its light-blue color and dark brown matrix. I like how the turquoise is cut at an odd shape and think this adds an unusual look. This bracelet is sterling silver and handmade by Navajo Native American jewelry artists. Being handmade, you know that you will never find another piece exactly like this. If you have any questions about sizing please contact us. Don't miss out on this wonderful stone before it completely disappears!

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