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Primordial Shield Turquoise Earrings


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Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

This pair of earrings was handmade here at Stagecoach by our very own Skylar Glandon. They each have a White Water Turquoise stone with a slight white matrix. This stone is mined in the same area as Sonoran Turquoise, though it has a completely different appearance. I have always enjoyed White Water Turquoise because it has a unique tone of color that is slightly milky. As with these earrings, the matrix is often white, a lovely contrast. These stones stand out nicely with lots of bright color.

These turquoise earrings have triangular silver pieces that dangle below the stones. Each piece has a hammered and oxidized texturing. Tiny silver balls have been soldered to these triangular pieces. Attaching these silver balls was a tricky process because they rolled around so easily. It was a time-consuming ordeal that required some trial and error. Ultimately, Skylar was able to successfully attach these balls in a random fashion. These triangular silver pieces create a rustic style that makes these earrings intriguing.

These White Water Turquoise earrings are handmade from solid sterling silver, including the posts. The stones are 7/16" wide and 1/2" long. This is a fun pair of earrings that will really make an impression!