Ray Tracey Patriotic Arrow & Heart Pendant


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Beautiful Native American Jewelry

Ray Tracey is an incredibly talented Native American jewelry artist originally from Arizona. He is known throughout the industry and around the world. Ray is even prominently featured in Japan, where the popularity of Native American jewelry rivals that in the United States. Ray Tracey was a great pioneer in inlay work and there are few with his level of skill and talent. He has earned himself a place as one of the industry's greats and we are very fortunate to have worked with him in the past.

You can see Ray Tracey's incredible level of creativity on display in this pendant. Below the bail, there is a sterling silver arrow. Suspended below that is an inlaid heart piece. This has red coral, lapis lazuli, and a pale, almost white turquoise. The red, white, and blue in this inlay give this pendant a very patriotic feel. On the back of this pendant, you will find Ray Tracey's signature stamp indicating that it is his work. For the amount of work involved in handcrafting this pendant, this is truly a fantastic price! You do not want to miss out on this highly unique piece of Native American jewelry!

Please note that there is only one of this pendant and we are not able to get another. Once this piece is gone you will not have another chance to own this beautiful piece. Also, the chain that you see is not included. Feel free to contact us if you would like to add a chain to this pendant.