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Rich Sonoran Gold Turquoise Ring


Handmade Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

This is a really beautiful Sonoran Gold Turquoise ring! This is a brand new type of turquoise that comes from Mexico. We first saw this about a year ago and it really caught our eye. The stone in this ring is very indicative of what you normally see from this turquoise. It has a deep green color with a gold matrix mixed in. Sometimes, as you see here, you get some beautiful blue coloring as well. This large color variation is one thing that makes this so popular. While each is different, these stones all seem to have this magnificently rich color. Don't you just love how much character this Sonoran Gold Turquoise has?

This ring was handmade in sterling silver by a Navajo Native American jewelry artist. There is no automated manufacturing with these pieces. The outer notch design is all done with a tiny jeweler's saw and can take quite a bit of time. These Native American jewelry artists are very talented and put a lot of care into each piece.

This is really stunning and I know you will get a lot of compliments with it. It is one of a kind so don't wait on this gorgeous Sonoran Gold Turquoise ring!

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