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Small Golden Hills Turquoise Pendant

Handmade Native American Jewelry

This is a cute triangular-shaped turquoise pendant. It has a Golden Hills turquoise stone, which comes from Kazakhstan. This type of turquoise has exploded in popularity in the last couple of years due to its unique appearance. As you can see in this pendant, Golden Hills typically has a subdued blue coloring with a twinge of purple. Its matrix is a dark rusty red color that contrasts nicely. This turquoise is different from what you normally see in material from the United States. If you are a fan of turquoise, you must have some Golden Hills in your collection!

This pendant is Native American made in the American Southwest. It is solid sterling silver, as indicated on the back. The Navajo artist used a classic notched design for the border around the stone. This involves using a tiny jewelry saw to cut notches into the silver. It gives a simplistic, yet modern look.

This pendant is small, measuring just over 1" long (not including the bail) and 3/4" wide. It is a great piece for everyday wear because it is not overly large. The bright colors ensure that this small pendant will still be noticed by those around you.

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