Sonoran Turquoise Men's Ring by Gary Glandon


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Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

This is a fantastic new man's ring that Gary Glandon, our resident silversmith, just finished. It has a stunning Sonoran Gold Turquoise stone that you will never grow tired of. Sonoran Turquoise comes from Mexico and was discovered just a few years ago. It has become one of our most popular types of turquoise in Native American jewelry. This is because of its unique color, which is typically very green with a yellow matrix mixed throughout. This gives it a very different appearance from most types of turquoise. Of course, stones from any mine are going to have at least some variance with some being prettier than others. The stone in this ring is simply stunning with its intense green coloring and interesting matrix.

This ring is handcrafted in sterling silver. Gary created the bezel around the stone and used a nice hammered texturing to give it added detail. This bezel is robust and bold, perfect for a men's turquoise ring. The shank of this ring has a striking lightning bolt design that has been blackened to help it stand out. Personally, I really like this design because it is both modern and elegant. The shank is heavy and ensures lasting quality if properly cared for. I have no doubt that you will love this men's turquoise ring!

Gary Glandon learned silversmithing from Native American jewelry artists many years ago. He creates a lot of high-quality, one-of-a-kind turquoise jewelry for us. You will find his last name stamped on the inside of this ring, as well as "925" indicating that it is sterling silver. Gary only uses genuine turquoise in his work and picks each stone out individually to ensure its beauty and quality.