Splatter Textured Kingman Turquoise Bracelet


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Handmade Kingman Turquoise Jewelry

Gary just finished making this neat bracelet! Let us begin by talking about the gorgeous Kingman turquoise stone set on top. This stone has a blueish hue with a deep brown and green matrix that weaves throughout. This matrix even has a few spots of yellow, which is very pretty and unusual. The stone has a bright and vibrant coloring that is difficult to miss. This is a high-grade stone that Gary got from some of the miners at the Kingman turquoise mine in Arizona.

There is a lot to discuss about Gary's silverwork in this bracelet. There are two borders around the stone (one flat and one three-dimensional) that give this a flower-like appearance. The flat border was cut using a tiny jeweler's saw and then hammered to give it a texturing. Gary has been using a lot of different textures lately, as you can see on most of the surface area of this bracelet. The texturing that covers the arms of the bracelet was done by using a texture plate in a rolling mill. I call this a splatter texture because it resembles ink or paint splatters. Gary hand-engraved the border lines on the outside of these arms, which helps to frame the bracelet. Notice how the bracelet is cropped in leading up to the turquoise stone. This, along with the engraved lines, helps lead your eyes to the beautiful stone. After reading about all these details hopefully you can see how much thought and work that Gary used in this turquoise bracelet.

This turquoise bracelet has an opening that is just over one inch wide. It is 2 1/4" across the widest portion of the bracelet curvature. This can be adjusted to fit your wrist size if it is not bent repeatedly open and closed. Please give us a call at 308-234-3313 if you have any more questions.