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Stamped White Buffalo Bracelet by Gary Glandon


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Handmade White Buffalo Jewelry

This is a stunning new bracelet that was just completed by Gary Glandon, our in-house silversmith. This bracelet features a lovely white buffalo stone that was mined in Nevada. This is a special type of white buffalo with numerous veins running across. After turquoise, white buffalo is one of our most popular stones. While similar to turquoise, it offers a different appearance whose colors can accent a variety of attire. Gary picks out his own stones directly from the miner to ensure he is getting a beautiful and high-quality stone.

Gary added a simple silver border around this stone with three silver balls on each of the four sides. One of my favorite attributes of this bracelet is the stunning stamp-work on the sterling silver cuff. All the shapes that you see on the cuff are stamped with a hammer. This requires planning and delicately lining up each stamp. When stamping jewelry like this you must ensure that your placement is correct; there are no second chances if your stamp slips or is not lined up correctly. Inside this area Gary added a stippled texturing that makes the whole bracelet sparkle. On the outside of the cuff, he added an untextured border by hand-engraving lines on opposite sides.

This is such a wonderful white buffalo bracelet! It has amazing work and detail. When he showed this to all of us everyone was incredibly impressed. There is no doubt that you will love it too!

This white buffalo bracelet has an opening of 7/8", though this can be adjusted somewhat to fit your wrist size. The full diameter around the curvature of the cuff (at its widest point) is 2 1/8", though once again, this can be adjusted. If you have any further questions regarding the size of this bracelet, please do not hesitate to contact us!