Stunning Sonoran Turquoise Pendant by Gary Glandon


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Handmade Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

I am in love with this turquoise pendant! It was entirely handmade right here at Stagecoach by Gary Glandon. He took a stunning stone and combined it with robust, modern styling to create a splendid piece of jewelry! This pendant has a Sonoran Gold Turquoise stone, which is mined just across the U.S. border in Mexico. Material from this mine is known for its unusual green colors that are sometimes mixed with blue. This pendant has a perfect mixture of green and blue along with a yellow matrix. I cannot stress how pretty and full of character this stone is. We should all thank Gary for picking this stone out!

This Sonoran Turquoise pendant has a bold silver border around its stone. This is a combination of heavy silver wire and a series of small balls. All these pieces were separate, and Gary had to solder them all together. I enjoy this look because it adds to the turquoise without being overpowering. This is clean and modern with a touch of elegance. This pendant could be worn casually or as a dress-up piece of jewelry.

This turquoise pendant is 1 1/2" long (not including the bail) and 3/4" wide. Its large size makes this a showstopping piece that is sure to not go unnoticed. Its bright colors further enhance its aura. You will have a lot of fun creating outfits based around this stunning Sonoran Turquoise pendant!