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Textured Kingman Turquoise Ring by Skylar Glandon


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Handmade Turquoise Rings

You are looking at a modern and stylish turquoise ring that was handmade by Skylar Glandon, right here at Stagecoach. It features a straightforward design that is elegant and modern. It also has a striking Kingman Turquoise stone with a barely noticeable matrix.

Kingman Turquoise is the only large-scale mine that is currently operating in the United States. From it, you find a wide range of materials of different colors and quality. This stone is a flat blue color with a slight white matrix. It is a handsome and luxurious stone that is uncomplicated. The stone makes this ring great for everyday wear.

Skylar used a heavy band for this turquoise ring that is meant to last a long time. He added a simple texturing this band that goes all the way around. This texturing has a sparkle that makes this stand out well. On the inside of the band, you will find "S Glandon" stamped as well as "Sterling" to indicate that it is sterling silver. Combine the texturing with the stately stone and you have a ring that is modern and refined. This would work great for either a woman or a man's turquoise ring!

The stone is 3/8" across and the silver band is 2/8" wide. When ordering, simply select your size and we will make sure that this fits you before sending it out. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!