Turquoise Necklace with Gold Matrix


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Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

What a neat turquoise necklace with a unique style and beautiful stone! This sterling silver necklace has a turquoise stone with a very pretty mixture of blue and gold. Personally, I really love stones like this with a lot of interesting character. When a stone has such an intricate matrix, such as this, you will never see two exactly the same. Even when we shop for turquoise jewelry, pieces like this really stand out in our eyes and we tend to scoop them up quickly! You really have to love this piece for all of its blue and gold beauty.

There are a couple of other noteworthy characteristics of this turquoise necklace besides the stone. Look closely and you will see that the sterling silver chain is actually attached to the centerpiece. On one hand, this makes the necklace a little less versatile because you are not able to switch the chain in and out. On the other hand, this gives the entire necklace a fancier and more permanent look. The artist designed the chain to go along with the pendant so you get the complete look as the artist intended. While it is a subtle difference, attaching the chain also makes this necklace appear fancier and does a better job of drawing your eyes to the stone. The chain is 20" long, which is a great length for this type of design.

Another aspect of the turquoise necklace is that all of the silver, including the chain, has a matte finish. In my eyes, this gives it a bit more of a modern and rustic look. The Native American jewelry artist who put all of this thought into this necklace's design is T. Skeets, a new artist for us. You can find his name stamped on the back. The center stone on this necklace is 1 1/2" from top to bottom and 7/8" wide.