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New Native American Jewelry Arrival From David Rosales

by Skylar Glandon September 15, 2018

New Native American Jewelry From David Rosales

We just received three beautiful new pieces from David Rosales! If you do not know, David is a Navajo designer from Gallup, NM and is one of the most talented Native American jewelry artists in the country. His organization is called Supersmith and his pieces have been featured in top Western publications, such as Cowboys and Indians. He primarily creates inlaid Native American jewelry in a variety of color collections. While inlay work is not exactly rare in Native American jewelry, David’s work is a much higher quality than most. Normally, finding work as clean and polished as his requires you to pay thousands of dollars. David Rosales’ jewelry is different because it combines top quality pieces with an affordable price.

Every time we receive a shipment from David it is like Christmas morning. We are always so excited to see what he has sent us. Keep in mind that because each piece is handcrafted, you will never see one exactly alike. The inlaid stones will all be done a bit differently and it is quite special to see the artist’s creativity at work. Also, if you don't like the colors in any of these designs, they can be done differently. We are able to customize them with different stones in almost anyway you like. It is always fun to see what new designs Supersmith comes up with. Take a look at these new items that just arrived!

Amazing Light Necklace

Amazing Light Necklace - Native American Jewelry

The Amazing Light Collection is one of our most popular in Native American jewelry. The Amazonite and created opal stones combine for an incredibly elegant look that can be both showy and casual. We have this collection proudly displayed up front in the first display case as people walk in the door. I would say it probably catches people’s attention better than any other collection that we have in Native American jewelry.

Because Amazing Light is so popular we wanted to find a large, showy piece that someone could design an entire outfit around. We found this necklace and decided to order it in these colors. The reason we decided on this piece was that we believed it had great value. It looked like a great price for the size and amount of work involved in this necklace. I have to say, after receiving it we were very pleased.

When we opened the box from David Rosales I think we all fell in love with this necklace. It was astonishing how bright and elegant this piece is in person. As soon as we put it in our showcase it started to draw attention. It really is the showpiece that we were hoping for. Pair this with earrings and you will have a gorgeous set that will not go unnoticed.

When you look at the pictures of this piece, there is something you should keep in mind. I do all of the photography for our Native American jewelry and, to be honest, my skills do not do this justice. For some odd reason, the colors of the Amazing Light Collection are difficult for me to photograph accurately. I do my best, but oftentimes colors end up looking washed out or sort of crude. I promise you that this necklace does truly look much better in person.

Take a closer look at this necklace Here.

Black Beauty Men’s Ring

Black Beauty Men's Ring

Periodically, David Rosales sends out pictures of new designs that they have been working on. As I’m sure you can imagine, it can be tempting to order all of these new pieces. Unfortunately, we are forced to use restraint and only choose those that we are most drawn to. This ring is one of those brand new items that caught my eye.

The Black Beauty Collection is one of my absolute favorites. It has black jade and blue created opal stones that are very contrasting. To me, it is a collection that works for both men and women, as opposed to others, such as Amazing Light. In fact, I have two pieces of Black Beauty myself and love wearing them. For men, this collection has a masculine look while still being bright and eye-catching. Oftentimes, men’s rings tend to be dark and colorless because guys aren’t supposed to be blingy. These colors are just colorful enough to be expressive without making a man feel feminine.

When this ring arrived I was really drawn to it. It has a large inlaid surface that is quite stunning to look at. This is certainly not going to go unnoticed and will give a guy a classy look. Beyond the beautiful stones, there is some neat silverwork on display here as well. The star-like texture adds another level of masculinity and gives a fun detail. It has been blackened to make this detail standout better, a common trait found in Native American jewelry.

Another great thing about men’s rings from David Rosales is the quality of the shank. David does not use thin, flimsy shanks that are going to bend easily. These are meant to hold up to an active lifestyle and aren’t something you need to worry about. This Native American jewelry really is top quality. I love this ring so much that I would love to have one for myself if only my hands weren’t so tiny. Yes, I will admit it, I have tiny hands for a guy and I think this would be just a bit too much. For any normal guy, however, this is a stylish ring that will really set you apart.

Check this ring out for yourself Here.

Barbwire Men’s Turquoise Ring

Barbwire Men's Turquoise Ring

Here is an example of how Supersmith pushes their Native American jewelry to always be fresh and new. It’s another brand new design and one that we thought was eye-catching. The first thing you will notice here is the unique barbwire design. While this is a very Western look, I have never before seen it used in Native American jewelry.

As opposed to the last ring, this one could work for either a man or a woman. While the band is still solid and heavy, it is not too large for a woman’s hand. I actually only labeled this a man’s because I thought the barbwire design would suit a man well. This is one of those rare styles that could go either way.

The turquoise that you see is Kingman and has little matrix running throughout the stones. They are very bright and definitely stand out in this piece. Remember, these Native American jewelry artists cut and fit each of these stones together by hand. I’d say that this entire design is very modern and would work well for a dress-up piece.

You can see this ring up close right Here.

There you have it, three brand new items from our favorite Native American jewelry artist, David Rosales. I will do my best to keep you updated on any new, fabulous jewelry that we receive. Take a perusal through the selection on our website and I’m sure you’ll find many things that you like.

Skylar Glandon
Skylar Glandon


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