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Stagecoach Gifts and Jewelry

Are you looking for unique Southwestern gifts and souvenirs in Kearney, Nebraska? If so, you have found the right place. Stagecoach Gifts and Jewelry is your one-stop shop for handcrafted Native American jewelry, Black Hills Gold jewelry, Minnetonka Moccasins, Nebraska souvenirs, and much more.

We are Gary, Susan, and Skylar Glandon, a family-owned business with over 50 years of experience in the souvenir industry. Our love of Native American culture and craftsmanship started in the 1950’s when Gary’s parents, Jim and Joyce Glandon, and grandparents, Leon and Mazie Henline, built the Wigwam, a souvenir store and mini zoo in Atlanta, NE. The Wigwam catered to travelers along Highway 6, passing through Nebraska. It offered plenty of Nebraska souvenirs and was the beginning of our family’s venture into Native American jewelry. The Wigwam also offered a small zoo attraction, complete with monkeys, a full-grown black bear, and a miniture bull named Ferdinand.

Wigwam, early 1950's

In 1973, we opened Stagecoach as our own venture in Kearney, NE. In 1974, Nebraska became the first state to complete its interstate highway system. The Stagecoach was built in anticipation of I-80 becoming the preferred means of travel in the state. Since then, we have grown with the city of Kearney and become the premier retailer of Native American Turquoise jewelry in Nebraska. We offer a wide range of turquoise jewelry from the incredibly talented Navajo tribe. We choose each piece to ensure you receive a quality piece that you will cherish for years. More than thirty years ago, Gary was invited to study silversmithing under some of these Native American jewelry artists. Ever since that time he has handmade his own turquoise jewelry for Stagecoach. His son, Skylar Glandon, is now continuing the jewelry-making art.

But that’s not all. Stagecoach has expanded twice throughout its 50-year history to expand our product range. We also specialize in other high-quality products such as Black Hills Gold jewelry, Minnetonka Moccasins, and a vast selection of stones and crystals. Whether you are looking for something to remember your trip by or something to treat yourself with, we have something for everyone.

At Stagecoach Gifts and Jewelry, we are more than just a souvenir shop. We are a place where you can connect with history, culture, and nature. In addition to our Southwestern theming, Stagecoach also provides a wide range of Sandhill Crane souvenirs. The great Sandhill Crane migration draws thousands of birdwatchers and nature-lovers every spring. The 500,000 birds that gather around the Kearney, NE area create one of nature’s most spectacular wonders.

We invite you to stop by our store at 310 3rd Ave in Kearney, NE or browse our online catalog at Stop in to see some of our original turquoise jewelry or browse an amazing range of gifts and souvenirs. You can also follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay updated on our latest arrivals.

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