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Royal Domed Turquoise Ring by Skylar Glandon


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Make a Statement with the Handmade Royal Domed Turquoise Ring


Introducing the Royal Domed Turquoise Ring, a truly unique piece of handmade jewelry crafted with love by Skylar Glandon at Stagecoach. This design ensures that this ring stands out, unlike any other offered at Stagecoach.

The highlight of this ring is the large, domed Kingman turquoise stone. This oblong oval stone rises prominently above the ring's sturdy sterling silver shank. Sourced from the historic Kingman turquoise mine in Arizona, the last large turquoise mine in the United States, this stone is renowned for its intricate matrix patterns and vibrant blue hue. The unique cut of this turquoise caught Skylar's eye during selection, making it exceptionally distinctive and unparalleled within their collection. The combination of the regal domed stone and the heavy silver shank gives the ring a majestic, kingly appearance.

The sterling silver band features expertly engraved border lines on each side, framing the intricate inner design. This design comprises crosshatched lines and triangles, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship involved. A great deal of time and effort went into designing and creating this exquisite turquoise ring, making it a true work of art.

It's safe to say that you won't see another ring quite like this one. Its flashy, striking design stands out and draws attention. This is a ring for people who understand their individual identities are worth showcasing, who value expression, and are drawn to the bold. This ring can capture the royal nature in us all.

The shank on this turquoise ring is .40 inches wide. The stone is 1 inch long.