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Kingman Turquoise-largest turquoise mine in America

by Gary Glandon March 16, 2016

Kingman Turquoise-largest turquoise mine in America

Over a thousand years before Europeans discovered the New World, prehistoric Native Americans found turquoise in the Kingman Turquoise mine.  As one of the oldest and most productive turquoise mines, Kingman turquoise is considered one of the most important turquoise mines in the world.

Commercially, turquoise at Kingman has been mined since the 1880’s but the Colbaugh family has owned the mine for many years.  It may be noted for its blue color, but Kingman Turquoise also has many shades and varieties as the stones below show.  This is a stone that any true turquoise collector should own!

Kingman turquoiseTurquoise KingmanKingman turquoise

The Stagecoach always has a great selection of Kingman turquoise and will hand make you a piece of jewelry from our beautiful collection of natural (less than 5% of all turquoise is completely natural) Kingman stones.

Gary Glandon
Gary Glandon


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