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"If you ain't busy being born, you're busy dying"

by Gary Glandon April 04, 2014

“If you ain’t busy being born, you’re busy dying”  Bob Dylan once said.  Well, here at the Stagecoach this last year is a year that we’ve been “busy being born”.   A lot has happened, both good and bad, but mostly good and we’re finally finishing up a couple projects we started some time ago.

 We built a new façade for the store and we just completed a new renovation for our website and neither one is completely done.  The new look for the outside of the building is practically done, at least nothing a little paint won’t cure.  We just hope that the contractors can figure out where the leaks in the roof are coming from.  It’s getting a little old putting out the buckets every time it rains.  They are making progress though-we’re down from 14 buckets to about 3!  So if it’s raining out and you stop in to see us at the Stagecoach, just be careful, you might have to play dodge ball with the buckets.

Our newest project that we are working on is this new website.  We haven’t changed the look of our site for years so we finally decided it was time.  We are still working on it but have our Minnetonka Moccasins and Minnetonks Hats pretty much complete.  You may notice that all styles and colors are together now, which should make it easier to navigate.  We do have quite a few pieces of our handmade jewelry listed on the site but many more to come.  Jewelry is always changing because of the nature of the beast-it is handmade so every piece is unique and once you sell a piece it has to be taken off the site.  While we specialize in turquoise jewelry we also have many other interesting stones set in sterling silver.

Two other collections we plan on putting on our web site are “Nebraska Souvenirs” and “Costumes” which will come later.  In the meantime we hope you enjoy our new look in both our website and our store front.

Gary Glandon
Gary Glandon


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