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New Native American Jewelry From David Rosales For Christmas

by Skylar Glandon December 03, 2018

Native American Jewelry Arrival From David Rosales

The holiday season has finally arrived! It is a wonderful, magical time of the year when the family comes together to celebrate. It is the time for giving and, let’s be honest, receiving. When it comes to receiving, Christmas comes a little early for those of us at the Stagecoach. We get all kinds of new products to showcase for the Holidays. You never know what’s going to show up and it really is a lot of fun.

Perhaps my favorite shipment that we receive before Christmas comes from David Rosales. If you have spent much time in our community, then you probably know that the Supersmith Native American jewelry is our absolute favorite product line that we carry. David is one of the premier Native American jewelry artists in the country and always astonishes us with his work. Throughout the year they are busy creating new designs and spectacular pieces of Native American jewelry. This is one of the two times during the year when we get a large shipment from him and it’s amazing to see the latest designs. This year was no exception and we got some really incredible items. Check out his wonderful jewelry right here.

We received new pieces for all of our major collections in David Rosales jewelry. Some highlights were the Red Moon and Black Beauty collections, two of my favorites. Some notable pieces include a pair of Black Beauty earrings that are reversible with turquoise on the back and an enormous pendant with stunning inlay work. The pendant is really stunning, a real showpiece from David. You can see this piece here.

Besides our major collections, we also received more from some of our smaller selections. Shadow Peak is a great example of this. This features black jade, Kingman Turquoise, and Ithaca Peak Turquoise inlaid in a super detailed design. In my opinion, these designs have a very fancy, formal style while still having that definite Native American jewelry “look”. Make sure to take a look at these here and see for yourself. They really are stunning.

David Rosales Shadow Peak Pendant

As I said above, David Rosales is always working on never-before-seen designs for his Native American jewelry. They do a very good job tempting us with exciting state-of-the-art colors that we have haven’t had before. Unfortunately for you, I plan to talk about these in a different post in the coming weeks. Make sure to stay tuned for that, I’m sure you will love them.

Receiving new Native American jewelry always means I have lots of work ahead of me. I photograph all of the pieces, edit each picture, and add each of the new items to our website. In this case, I took about 250 pictures. While I won’t use every one of these pictures, it still means a considerable amount of time and effort on my part in order for you lovely online people to see the latest items. So please bear with me, I will add fresh items periodically and will do my best to get as much of our current Native American jewelry on the website before Christmas. Please keep checking as I expect to have a couple of new pieces up every few days. As always, let me know if you have any questions and comment below with your thoughts on the latest jewelry.

Skylar Glandon
Skylar Glandon


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