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Gary's Newest Turquoise Jewelry

by Skylar Glandon May 11, 2020

New Lander Turquoise Pendant - Stagecoach

Gary Glandon has been very busy lately. We have been working on some interior projects that he has been coordinating. These have been fairly extensive projects that have demanded quite a bit of his focus. Even so, Gary has still been able to find time for some new turquoise jewelry. Due to the Coronavirus many of our Native American jewelry artists are shut down right now so Gary's work is mainly what we are able to get currently. We feel very fortunate to have someone here who is able to make jewelry for us during this time. There are not many stores that are able to do this right now. Gary has made a variety of different pieces, most of which are already spoken for. I wanted to write this so that I could show you what he has been up to.

Seven Dwarfs Turquoise Jewelry

Gary has made a couple of new Seven Dwarf Turquoise jewelry pieces. If you are unaware of what Seven Dwarfs Turquoise is or would like to read more about this amazing stone, you can read more about it on our dedicated blog article. Long story short, we ran into a stone cutter a few years ago who had a few of these. We had never seen or heard of this mine before and decided to get a few stones. Since that time, we have had a number of customers wanting Gary to make more jewelry with this material. The reason for this is because Seven Dwarfs is so different than any other stone. It is very rare and often has some beautiful shifts of color throughout the stones. After quite a journey, we were finally able to get a few more Seven Dwarfs Turquoise that Gary has made into some really beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Seven Dwarfs Turquoise Bracelet

This Seven Dwarfs Turquoise bracelet has a really unusual, but glamorous look. The browns look lovely mixed with the white and light blue. Gary also added some very nice leaf silverwork that is reminiscent of the Les Baker style, who is the artist that taught him silversmithing.

New Lander Turquoise Jewelry

Like Seven Dwarfs, New Lander Turquoise is not actually turquoise, despite its name. It is technically another variation of Variscite, which is a close cousin. This stone typically has a lime-green color with an intricate black matrix. Its name originated from Lander Blue Turquoise, the rarest and most expensive turquoise in the world. It was named after Lander Blue because the dark, tight spiderweb matrix appears similar. New Lander is a stone that you do not see often and has its own unique look.

New Lander Turquoise Ring

New Lander Turquoise ring with a very pretty black matrix and a hammered sterling silver band.

When we got these, we had no plans to purchase any New Lander Turquoise stones. It simply was not on our radar at the time. However, when we met with the man who owns this and other mines, we saw some of these stones and just had to have them some. While we have had a few pieces of New Lander Turquoise jewelry in the past, it was easy to tell that these were very high-grade stones. The black matrix looked fabulous against the lime-green background.

Kingman Turquoise Jewelry

Kingman Turquoise is very interesting. It is the largest turquoise mine that is still in operation in the United States. While some mines, such as Seven Dwarfs, are very small and require just a few people to excavate, the Kingman mine is quite large and involves an extensive crew. If you want to get specific, there are actually several individual mines that make up the large Kingman operation.

Because the Kingman mine is such a vast operation that spans a large amount of land, you can find a great diversity of colors and looks in these stones. Kingman can closely resemble almost any other type of turquoise. This is one reason that is nearly impossible to identify a type of turquoise with absolute certainty if you have lost the original identity. Some of these stones are a flat blue, devoid of almost any specs or charring. Others may have a tight intricate matrix with a lot of character. Kingman Black Web or Dark Web closely resembles the aforementioned Lander Blue Turquoise and it can be difficult to tell the two apart. Needless to say, you can find a wonderful variety from this mine.

Handmade Kingman Turquoise Bracelet and Pendant

Beautiful Kingman Turquoise bracelet and pendant with matching beads. The bright yellow matrix really stands out in this jewelry.

Gary found some really lovely Kingman Turquoise from the same miner that he got the New Lander from. I did say that Kingman can take on many different looks, however, these particular stones are unique even that this mine. Each has a pleasant mixture of green and blue with a brown-gold matrix interlaced throughout. These stones have a nice tone with a lot of wonderful character. Gary recently made a turquoise ring, pendant, and bracelet using these. This jewelry is very vibrant and quite different from what you normally are able to find. We are truly lucky to have access to these beautiful high-grade stones and a silversmith who makes such fine jewelry using them.

That was a quick explanation of what Gary has been up to here at Stagecoach. He always seems to be making some sort of jewelry and I am positive that he will have a few more pieces soon. As I said before, his pieces are about the only new jewelry that we are able to get at the moment, though we are hoping this changes soon. Also, if you are able to come see our interior projects please do. We are really happy with how they are turning out. We still have a few more areas to work on but we think our interior is starting to look a little more bright and fresh. Otherwise, I plan to have some more articles coming soon that I am excited to share with you. I hope to start adding a few more pieces to our shop as well. With all of our projects going on I have not been able to devote quite as much time to our website fans, such as yourself. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or comments and be on the lookout for more from us at Stagecoach!

Stay safe, healthy, and strong.

You can see our full collection of Turquoise Jewelry here.

Skylar Glandon
Skylar Glandon


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