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Halloween Season is Upon Us

by Skylar Glandon October 01, 2019

Pa Pa Gary - Stagecoach Halloween

It’s that time of year again when the Stagecoach transforms into Kearney’s biggest Halloween costume store. If you are new around here, this jump from Native American jewelry to Halloween costumes may surprise you. This is a niche that we stumbled into by accident several decades ago and it has just grown each year. It gives us another busy season once the summer travel season has ended and really works well for us. The purpose of this article is to outline what to expect from us during the month of October.

For many months we have been receiving merchandise that we ordered back in January. Most of this just goes into storage until fall rolls around and we are ready for it. Once the summer travel season ends we get to work becoming the Halloween shop that so many in Kearney know and love. We go through a massive transformation where half of our store becomes Halloween. In a matter of just a few days, scary ghouls suddenly appear hanging from the ceiling, costumes fill the walls, and, of course, more than 100 masks make up the famous Stagecoach mask wall.

Stagecoach Halloween Masks

I will be the first to tell you that the combination of Halloween costumes with nice gifts and handmade jewelry is an odd pairing. I often joke that we are most certainly the only store in the United States (or the world) where you can find high-quality Native American jewelry with scary zombie masks hanging overhead. Despite this odd combination, we somehow make it work. I think occasionally it might be a little off-putting for a few travelers stopping in who are expecting a full Nebraska souvenir store, but most people seem to accept it well. In fact, I think it sort of adds to the quirky nature of what we do at the Stagecoach. We really do have something fun and unique for everybody and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. 

Halloween At The Stagecoach

Even though our different product lines are at seemingly opposite ends of the spectrum, we do approach all of them with a similar philosophy. With our turquoise jewelry, we really focus on having very high-quality pieces. We choose each piece individually based on the build quality and the stones. All of Gary’s handmade jewelry features high-grade natural turquoise that is very difficult to come by. He picks his stones based on 40 years of experience and his designs are always stunning. In all of our travels, I have only seen the quality of stones that we provide in a handful of places. We try to bring this same level of quality to our Halloween merchandise as well. Now don’t get me wrong, I do realize that every store in America likes to talk about their product quality. No one ever says, “come shop at our store because of our exceedingly low-quality goods!” My point is that we have found, whether it be jewelry or Halloween merchandise, that there a lot of people who want a higher-quality item.

Let me give you an example. Most Halloween stores carry an inexpensive line a theatrical makeup similar to what you find at discount stores. We, on the other hand, carry some of the very best stage makeup, the same kind of kind that you find being used in Broadway performances. True makeup artists know that this makeup is far superior and there is a ton that you can do with it. If you can imagine it, you can create it using this makeup. That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of people who want inexpensive makeup. However, our makeup can serve both purposes and is really the best you will find in Kearney or the surrounding area. Personally, I take a lot of pride in offering these sorts of items and really enjoy when people come to us looking for that high level of product. Every year we actively search for items that complement this philosophy and we have a few new ones for 2019 that we hope you will come to check out.

With Halloween approaching, I hope all of our readers will understand a few temporary changes, both in-store and online. Just like our store, you will soon see our website transforming over for Halloween. All of our jewelry and other items will still be available, though it will not be the focus of our site for the month of October. Because this is such a busy time for us and I need to focus a lot of my time on Halloween, I anticipate that you will see a sharp drop in the amount of jewelry content being published here and on our social media until the Halloween season is over. I apologize for this and wish that I could balance both equally. Unfortunately, it is simply not possible at this time of the year. I appreciate your patience and promise to showcase lots of new fun jewelry once November rolls around. We still have all of our jewelry in-store and love showing it, even if it’s while wearing a Halloween costume. Even if it isn’t posted online as much, we will still be getting new jewelry and gift items and will begin preparing for Christmas. If you are here mostly for the jewelry, still consider stopping in towards the final week of Halloween. You may get to see some of your favorite Stagecoach people dressed in fun Halloween costumes. 

As always, thank you for your continued interest and make sure to let us know if you need anything!

 Jack-O Forevermore Doll At Stagecoach

Skylar Glandon
Skylar Glandon


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