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Introducing the Storybook Jewelry Collection

by Skylar Glandon March 01, 2021

Celestial Wizard Pendant - Stagecoach Storybook Jewelry

In one of my previous blog posts, I briefly alluded to some new jewelry that I had planned. Last year I made a few pieces that I was pretty proud of but never really got into my own groove. Over the last few months, I have been doing lots of thinking and planning out my own style. There is still a lot of work to be done but I am finally ready to show you the beginning of our new line of jewelry. There are six new items to unveil today but we hope to grow this collection in the future. This is something completely different than anything we have done before, and it may seem like quite the shift to those who have typically followed us for Native American jewelry. Hopefully, you will find it interesting and will be excited to see more. Now, without further ado, I would like to introduce you to the Stagecoach Storybook Jewelry collection.

You can see the entire Storybook Jewelry Collection right here.

The Storybook Jewelry collection is meant to showcase a variety of dark fantasy designs. Some of these will include characters or symbols that you recognize while others may be designs of our own creation. I have a number of ideas for future jewelry pieces, some of which may pan out and others that likely will not. Translating these ideas into actual pieces of jewelry can be a challenge and require lots of planning and thought. Gary and I are actively looking at different ways of doing things and we have some fun experiments coming up. If any of these pan out it would potentially open up new looks for us.

Jolly Jack-O'-Lantern Pendant

Another fun element for our Storybook collection is that each piece will include, you guessed it, a story. I use the word ‘story’ loosely because some of these may be a simple thought or a short anecdote. All of these will, in some way, relate to the dark fantasy theme of the jewelry. Each product listing on our website will include an abbreviated version of these stories. If you would like a more extensive version, be sure to follow our new Instagram page: @storybook.jewelry. Please note that these stories are simply meant to be a fun way to add additional intrigue to the jewelry. Many will be of my own creation specifically for that piece.

If you look at the six items that are currently available in the Storybook collection, you will notice that Gary created a few of them. The two of us have spent a lot of time discussing this in the last couple of months and I think he has been inspired a bit himself. While you may see a few additional pieces from Gary in the Storybook collection, over time there will most likely be more from me. Hopefully, this knowledge will soothe any concerns that you may have about our focus. We have no plans of slowing down or shifting away from our handmade turquoise jewelry. In fact, Gary has been actively looking through his sources for new turquoise stones. The COVID-19 situation has pushed back some of our normal early-year jewelry preparations and has given us more time to plan this new jewelry line. For now, the Storybook Jewelry collection is meant as a fun side project where I hope to hone my jewelry-making skills and hopefully make some unique pieces with my own style.

Swirl Heart Pendant by Gary Glandon

I hope you like our new Storybook Jewelry collection and will find the current and future designs interesting. Look out for more styles coming down the line. Also, if you have any ideas that would fit in with this jewelry line I encourage you to share! I have a number of my own ideas but always value the perspective of others. Stay tuned for more handmade turquoise jewelry as well. As you can see, we have lots of new things coming for you to enjoy!

Skylar Glandon
Skylar Glandon


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