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New Native American Jewelry From David Rosales - Dec, 2019

by Skylar Glandon December 04, 2019

David Rosales Jewelry - Blue Sky Pendant

In my previous article, I talked about our most popular Native American jewelry for the Fall of 2019. I spoke a lot about how consistently popular our different forms of turquoise jewelry is. I can tell you now that I left out our most popular line, David Rosales’ jewelry. Leaving out the most popular product line in an article entitled, “Our Most Popular Jewelry” seems odd, but it was in fact intentional. You see, we were just about to receive a large shipment of new items for the Christmas season and I figured that would warrant its own dedicated post. These items have now arrived and I can finally share some of the goodies. There are a lot of new items here and I cannot possibly discuss them all. I am going to show you some of the highlights or pieces that I am particularly impressed with. To see all of the beautiful new items be sure to stop by the Stagecoach.

David Rosales is a Navajo designer from Gallup, NM. He and his partner John have assembled an incredibly talented team of Native American jewelry artists that bring his inlay designs to life. They have created these beautiful color collections that make it very easy to find matching pieces. Over the years, a few of these color collections have transcended David Rosales’ line and have become iconic looks for Native American jewelry across the country. He really is one of the very finest Native American jewelry artists and his pieces speak for themselves. While it seems like we are constantly receiving pieces from David, we typically get large batches only twice a year. At Christmas, David will send us a large shipment for us to pick from. We will then send back whatever we do not want. 

As you can imagine, picking out this new jewelry is really exciting but also difficult. We separate pieces that we really like and then see where we stand money-wise. This year, after our initial round of elimination we had about three times the total that we needed. So we had to go back and start eliminating more pieces. This process continued over and over until we were near a responsible amount. Let me tell you, rejecting David’s gorgeous Native American jewelry is terribly difficult and not a fun task at all. To make matters worse, David wanted this shipment back as quickly as possible. We were on the clock and had about one full day to make our decisions. So finally, let me show you some of the highlights of what we decided to keep.

Sonoran Gold Turquoise

If you have spent much time around this blog in the past 12 months then you have heard me talk about Sonoran Gold Turquoise quite a bit. In order to avoid some degree of redundancy, I won’t go into too much depth about it today. If you would like to read more about the Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry I have a separate article that goes into much more detail. Basically, it is a brand new type of turquoise that has a really distinctive and unusual look. I really love the Sonoran Turquoise because it has so much character with its bright green coloring mixed with blue tones and a gold matrix. It is simply spectacular!

David Rosales Sonoran Gold Men's Turquoise Bracelet

The Sonoran Gold Turquoise collection might have been the most difficult for us to choose because each and every piece was stunning. I think at one point we had every single piece set aside to keep. I personally found it difficult because there was a brand new man’s ring that I really liked. It wasn’t my size, which I suppose I should be thankful for. We also picked out a diamond-shaped pendant that has beautiful turquoise inlay work. The mixture of green and blue is just perfect and someone is going to absolutely love it. Among all of the Sonoran Gold Turquoise jewelry that we kept there was also a bracelet that we really struggled with. We all loved it but its large size would make it difficult to sell. After going back and forth on this bracelet many times, it was finally decided that it was just too pretty to send back. You need to stop by and take a look at this gorgeous turquoise jewelry!

Blue Sky Collection

The Blue Sky Collection was another that we decided to expand upon. This was a brand new collection that we got in last year’s Christmas shipment. At the time, we were a little unsure about the Blue Sky Collection and wanted to do a small trial for Christmas. Over the last year, it has gone really well and it has grown on all of us. I suspect it is now one of my mother’s favorite collections and I think she may be hinting at a new piece for herself. This collection has dark blue lapis lazuli mixed with the sparkle of the lab-created opal. It is a great new look from David Rosales and one that I have never seen before in Native American jewelry. You can read more about the Blue Sky Collection here.

I think the most pleasantly surprising part of this shipment was some of the men’s pieces in Blue Sky. Unlike some of David’s other collections, I have never thought of Blue Sky being a look that a man would like. However, we got a ring that is clearly meant for a man that is very striking. It’s amazing how creative and versatile this Native American jewelry is. Unfortunately, it is once again not my size. 

David Rosales Blue Sky Twist Bracelet

Speaking of the wrong size, there is also a bracelet that my mother really likes. It has a fun style that is different from most other bracelets. The Blue Sky colors give it a bright and elegant look. Of course, it is a little too big for her. We are really struggling with our sizing here, aren’t we?

Amazing Light

Amazing Light Collection is another that really stands out in a very elegant way. It has Amazonite and lab-created opal together that just looks fantastic. These colors almost look like they could belong in a more traditional jewelry store instead of a Native American jewelry store. It is a very fancy look and has been popular for quite some time. In fact, one of our most popular David Rosales rings comes from the Amazing Light Collection.

We picked out a number of new items from the Amazing Light Collection. We fell in love with yet another bracelet that looks fantastic. The inlay work covers pretty much the entire bracelet surface area, which makes for a very striking display. Along with this, we have several new rings. David likes pairing brilliant CZ’s with the Amazing Light Collection and this combination makes the rings sparkle almost overwhelmingly. 

David Rosales Amazing Light CZ Ring

Of all of the Native American jewelry that we kept, the largest piece by far comes from the Amazing Light Collection. This is a large necklace with inlay work that comes to a point in the center. Other than being absolutely gorgeous, another reason we decided to keep this necklace is that we thought it was a good price. Of course, I wouldn’t call it inexpensive, but it is quite a bit less than we expected. To us, the price seems like a very good value for the size and amount of work and material that went into this. Be sure to stop by and see this beautiful necklace, it will be quite the piece for some lucky person. Pair it with earrings and that bracelet that I mentioned above and you will have a matching set fit for a goddess.

This covers many of my favorites from our new shipment from David Rosales. Of course, I have only brushed over a few of the many beautiful new pieces of Native American jewelry. We got other new pieces in pretty much all of our collections, including Shalako, Red Moon, and Black Beauty. I know full and well that you do not want to listen to me ramble on about all of this new jewelry. You simply must come to the Stagecoach to see all of it. And, of course, it is always more fun to see this Native American jewelry in person, as opposed to pictures online. For those of you who are unable to make it, keep an eye out on our website. I have added a few new pieces already and there should be a lot more going up soon. If you are wanting a piece in time for Christmas make sure to get your order in as soon as possible. Much of the David Rosales jewelry on our website we may not have in stock and are made once you order. This takes time and we are right around the cut off for getting these in time for Christmas. Of course, you can always call and we can give you an idea of what pieces we do have in stock.

Take a look at all of our David Rosales Jewelry here.

As always, thank you for reading and being a supporter of what we do at Stagecoach. Simply reading these articles helps us more than you know. We appreciate your time and hope that you enjoy all of our new items!

David Rosales Red Moon Fancy Pendant

Skylar Glandon
Skylar Glandon


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