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Now for Something Completely Different - Halloween at Stagecoach

by Skylar Glandon October 12, 2018

Stagecoach - Halloween Costumes in Kearney, NE

October is here once again and that means it’s time for Halloween at the Stagecoach. If you don’t know, after Labor Day each year we convert half of our store over to Halloween costumes and props. If you’re scratching your head at Halloween costumes mixed with fancy Native American jewelry, yes we know it is a strange combination. I’m quite certain that we are the only store in the United States where you can find scary clown masks hanging above $1000 pieces of jewelry. That being said, we have been doing this for 30+ years and do our very best to make it work.

Summer is a busy time for us at the Stagecoach. We are located right off I-80 and get lots of travelers who stop in. These people often come by looking for Nebraska souvenirs, such as postcards and magnets. Once they stop by, these people are often amazed by our selection of handmade Native American jewelry. That being said, once summer ends, this tourist season slows down. Halloween gives us another season once the busy summer season is over. During this time, we undergo a complete transformation for October that takes about two full weeks.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, we take the same basic approach that we do with our Native American jewelry. We believe that providing high-quality items sets us apart from other establishments. For example, we are one of only a few stores in Nebraska that offer professional Ben Nye makeup. This is some of the highest-quality theatrical makeup on the market and is commonly used in Hollywood movies and Broadway productions. With this makeup, you really can turn yourself into any character that you can imagine. I encourage you to peruse Pinterest or Instagram for makeup tutorials because you can find some really incredible projects. There’s a good chance that these people are using Ben Nye makeup.

During the month of October, you may notice more of an emphasis on Halloween costumes. Our website homepage looks different, social media post change, etc. That being said, please keep in mind that we still offer our beautiful Native American jewelry, gifts, and souvenirs. If there’s anything you need or have questions about don’t be afraid to ask! We can still show you wonderful jewelry, though we might be doing it while wearing a Halloween costume.

If you live in the Kearney area, I encourage you to stop in during October. We have a lot of really neat things to see that we do not have any other time of the year. This includes a massive wall full of scary masks, a 7-foot tall animated clown prop, a blacklight display, and much more. We hope you have fun and see some things that impress you.

Happy Halloween!

Skylar Glandon
Skylar Glandon


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