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Our Newest David Rosales Jewelry, Part 1

by Skylar Glandon July 09, 2021

New David Rosales Pendant - Native American Jewelry

A couple of months ago we contacted our friends at Supersmith, the Native American jewelry company that David Rosales operates, and had them send a large shipment of new jewelry to us. We received a lot of beautiful new items that we couldn’t wait to show off to our customers. I have been periodically posting some of this selection to our website over the last couple of months. Since receiving these a few of them have started to sell and we have noticed a few vacant spots in our jewelry cases. We contacted David Rosales to see if they could send pictures of their current inventory for us to choose a few pieces from. Instead, they sent something completely unexpected!

You will have to read on to hear the end of this story. Needless to say, the last few months have brought us lots of new Native American jewelry from David Rosales. We have such a grand selection that I felt it deserved a new blog post (or two) to tell you about all of the highlights. Because there are so many, I am only going to focus on the jewelry that I think is the most interesting. You will have to stop by or watch our website to see the rest! Now, let’s dive into this two-part blog post about our most recent selection from David Rosales!

New Blue Sky Jewelry

Most of this article will touch on individual pieces of Native American jewelry that we have received. Because the Blue Sky Collection has been so tremendously popular I wanted to begin here. This is a recent collection from David Rosales that consists of lapis lazuli, denim lapis, and lab-created opal. It is any blue lover’s dream! You can read the original dedicated Blue Sky Collection article right here.

My favorite new item from the Blue Sky Collection is, what I call, a shield pendant. I have coined this because its rounded triangular shape reminds me of a medieval knight’s shield. This pendant is one of my favorites because its size allows for a wonderful canvas to show off these lovely colors. You can clearly see the vast amount of detail that these artists put into the inlay work. There was plenty of room for them to utilize lots of cuts, especially in the opal. I always enjoy the David Rosales jewelry where the artists can showcase their immense talent.

David Rosales Blue Sky Native American Jewelry

The Blue Sky Collection is incredibly popular. Its soft blue colors seem to appeal to almost everyone!

Another new piece from the Blue Sky Collection is a bracelet that is similarly packed full of color. It is a straight cuff bracelet whose inlay is about 70% denim lapis. The regular lapis and opal zigzag through the denim providing great contrast to the mid-tones of this collection. The pattern that has been created within this bracelet is really excellent. Those with a little OCD will enjoy the pattern’s uniformity. Once again, this bracelet has a large surface area where the artists could really display their talent. Possibly the best part of this bracelet is that it is one of those unique pieces that can be worn by either a woman or man. There is so much to love with this one!

Red Moon

The Red Moon Collection is always one of my favorites. It has red and blue cultured opal along with a little bit of turquoise inlaid together with black jade. These colors really stand out against the black background. What's more, this collection typically has the fancy-cut inlay style, meaning that the stones are inlaid with very tiny and precise cuts. This sort of work requires a whole other level of skill than regular inlay. In fact, you don’t see Native American jewelry with this fancy-cut often because only a few of the most talented artists are able to achieve this look so cleanly. Some of these Red Moon designs are quite remarkable and it is hard to believe their level of exactness.

I think the most unusual Red Moon jewelry piece that we received is a triangular pendant with a round red opal stone in the center. This pendant immediately caught our attention because of how different it is. A number of thoughts have swirled through my head regarding this pendant. Upon first glance, it reminded me of some sort of interesting contemporary architecture. However, I recently realized that it resembles the Deathly Hallows symbol from Harry Potter and now I cannot un-see that. All in all it is a very intriguing pendant that certainly pushes the boundaries for David Rosales. What do you see when looking at this Red Moon pendant?

David Rosales Triangular Red Moon Pendant

What a neat pendant design from David Rosales! This is one of our most interesting new pieces.

The other notable piece of jewelry from the Red Moon Collection is a fantastic bracelet that I have never before seen from David Rosales. Of course, being from David Rosales, it has great inlay work. You can see just how many tiny cuts they used to create this look. Like most of the jewelry from the Red Moon Collection, the red and blue opal have a striking appearance. However, what really sets this bracelet off is the silverwork. The cuff has a textured appearance that brings to mind a piece of sandcast jewelry. The silver is covered with Native American petroglyphs, such as you might find in Mesa Verde, Colorado. The symbols that you find in Mesa Verde are incredibly old, ranging from 700 to 1500 years. It is really neat that this bracelet pays homage to these petroglyphs. This is such a marvelous bracelet that combines ancient Native American heritage with modern techniques and styling.

David Rosales Petroglyph Bracelet

This bracelet has beautiful inlay and wonderful silverwork. It is one of my favorite David Rosales bracelets.

To continue my story from earlier, we contacted David Rosales to see if they would be able to send us pictures of their current selection of Native American jewelry. They agreed and said that they would get some sent over to us the following day. The following morning we got an unexpected delivery from UPS. Instead of sending pictures, they sent a package via one-day air with a load of jewelry for us to choose from. You can’t say that they don’t treat us well! We spent the rest of the day picking out the jewelry that we wanted to keep. This is a fun project at first but it eventually becomes difficult because every single one is so beautiful. Eventually we were able to finalize our picks and got the rest sent back to David Rosales.

I hope you have enjoyed the first of this two-part article about our new Native American jewelry from David Rosales. Here I spoke about four of my favorite new items. In the second part of this article I focus on the fifth piece. Yes, this remaining David Rosales piece deserves its own dedicated article. Hopefully that will tantalize you into coming back for more! I promise this article will be posted soon, probably within the next week or so. Until then, be on the lookout for more jewelry coming to our site.

Skylar Glandon

Skylar Glandon
Skylar Glandon


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