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Stagecoach's Most Popular Jewelry - May, 2019

by Skylar Glandon June 10, 2019

Turquoise Necklace Handmade by Gary Glandon

It may not be apparent just from perusing our website, but we offer a lot of different products at the Stagecoach. From rocks and crystals to Nebraska souvenirs, we have a very wide selection in our store. That being said, jewelry has been our most popular product line for many years. We seem to have carved out a special niche in our area for handmade Native American jewelry. Today I am going to cover some of our most popular jewelry. As time goes on, I plan to repeat this in order to keep you up to date on the newest trends that we are seeing.

To be very general, turquoise jewelry has been one of our most popular since the inception of the Stagecoach 46 years ago. As with many fashion topics, we often hear about cyclical trends for turquoise jewelry. These trends suggest that it goes through different popular and less-popular times. Right now, for instance, you see a lot of celebrities and country music stars wear turquoise on television. Contrary to these apparent cyclical trends, turquoise jewelry has been the most consistently popular item in our store. We always sell a lot of it and have never really noticed a downward trajectory. Perhaps this is because we are one of the only stores in Nebraska to offer high-grade, natural turquoise stones. To be blunt, much of the turquoise jewelry that you see can be very deceiving. Unless you know are knowledgeable about the stone and know what to look for, it can be difficult to know when if you are purchasing genuine turquoise jewelry. If you are looking for real, high-quality American turquoise, come to the Stagecoach. We go through great pains to find quality turquoise jewelry.

Royston Turquoise Pendant Handmade by Gary Glandon

While turquoise jewelry has consistently been one of our most popular items, we do see trends with different types of turquoise. A few years ago Number 8 Turquoise was one of our best selling types. This is characterized by a light blue color with a brown spider web matrix running through the stone. Interestingly, this mine was closed over 40 years ago and material primarily has primarily come from a stockpile that different sources have been holding on to. Unfortunately, it seems that this stockpile is becoming depleted because we are having trouble finding Number 8 Turquoise that appeals to us and meets our standards. Simply because we are no longer able to offer a strong selection, Number 8 is no longer one of our most popular.

This year, jewelry from the brand new Sonoran Gold Turquoise mine may be our most popular. This has a deep green coloring with a bright gold matrix mixed in. Sometimes you can even find splotches of blue in this stone. With all of these different colors, you find a lot of variation in Sonoran Gold Turquoise jewelry. I think what really appeals to people is how different this stone is from most other types of turquoise. People seem to love the green color and it draws a lot of attention in our store. We have had a number of people who, while quickly walking around our jewelry cases, suddenly stop to look at the Sonoran Turquoise. To read more information about Sonoran Gold Turquoise jewelry, take a look at our recent blog article: Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry.

Sonoran Gold Turquoise Cross Pendant - David Rosales

I couldn’t talk about our most popular turquoise jewelry without talking about my father’s pieces. Gary Glandon was taught by Native American jewelry artists over thirty years ago. He makes his own pieces with turquoise and a variety of other stones. Gary works very hard to find high-grade stones that he is drawn to. Sometimes he is able to find very rare stones, such as the Seven Dwarfs Turquoise that is in the pendant pictured below. Because much of Gary's time is spent running the Stagecoach, and this handmade jewelry takes a considerable amount of time to create, he is unable to make very many pieces at a time. Gary’s jewelry often sells very quickly as well. We have local customers who specifically hunt for his pieces throughout our jewelry cases. I think customers really enjoy having a piece of turquoise jewelry that is made right here in Kearney and being able to meet and talk to the artist. There aren’t many jewelry stores that allow you to speak with the artist who made your new piece. If you are interested in having your own piece of turquoise jewelry that is made right here at the Stagecoach, be sure to watch our “Nebraska-Made Jewelry” collection.

Seven Dwarfs Turquoise Pendant by Gary Glandon

There you have it, a quick description of some of our most popular jewelry items for the first half of 2019. I plan to provide you with an occasional update to this most popular jewelry list. Many of the items that I have discussed today will remain very popular but I expect some to change with time. Also, do keep in mind that while I do my best to showcase a large selection of Native American jewelry on our website, it is the nature of things that there will always be far more in our physical store. If your proximity allows, I encourage you to stop in and see all that we have! Until next time, thank you for reading and don’t be afraid to comment or ask questions.

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Skylar Glandon
Skylar Glandon


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