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Beautiful David Rosales CZ Amazonite Ring

R134 AL

$ 441.00

David Rosales Designs - Contemporary Native American Jewelry

What an absolutely stunning Native American ring! Designed by David Rosales, this sterling silver ring comes from the Amazing Light Collection. This collection is made up of cultured opal and amazonite, a light-green stone that is mined in different areas, including Asia and the United States. I always enjoy the Amazing Light Collection because the colors have such an elegant tone. The colors are bright and could be mistaken for something costing thousands of dollars in a traditional jewelry store. In fact, a lot more artistry goes into this Native American ring than something more traditional. The amazonite and opal stones are all cut and inlaid together entirely by hand. To be so precise, these Navajo artists must master this challenging inlay work, a process that can take years of practice. I truly wish that I had the skill that David Rosales and his team have.

The inlaid stones are certainly eye-catching in this Native American ring. The opal and amazonite are pleasing colors that are very unique. However, we cannot forget about the large CZ that is set in the center. This oval stone is super bright and sparkly. When wearing this ring you will undoubtedly have people ask if that is an enormous diamond. In fact, this CZ is larger and often prettier than a diamond while costing a fraction of the price. This ring has so much for you to love whether it's the craftmanship or the intense beauty!

Please allow between four and six weeks to receive this Native American ring. Our David Rosales jewelry is handcrafted once an order is placed and takes time to craft. I know that you will love wearing this ring once it does arrive. Please let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at 308-234-3313.

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