Currently All David Rosales Jewelry Requires 6 Weeks To Make

David Rosales Fancy-Cut Black Beauty Horse Pendant

P012 BB

$ 330.00

David Rosales Designs - The Finest Contemporary Native American Jewelry

David Rosales is one of the top designers of inlaid Native American jewelry. His team does some incredible work that continues to impress us. What's more, no two pieces of their Native American jewelry are exactly alike. This is because the artists have free rein to inlay the stones how they would like. Needless to say, this creative freedom gives us some stunning works of art. Take this horse pendant, for example. The level of precision used in the inlay work is hard to believe. Only some of the most skilled artists can create Native American jewelry with this level of detail and precision. This pendant is truly a work of art.

David Rosales has a variety of collections with different stones that his piece can be inlaid with. This is the Black Beauty Collection, one of my personal favorites. It has black jade and blue cultured opal inlaid in sterling silver. The opal really pops against the black jade and looks amazing on a sunny day. The Black Beauty Collection has been a favorite among customers since the day it was released. I enjoy it so much that I have two Black Beauty pieces of my own! I know you will love it just as much as I do and this horse pendant is the perfect place to start!

This horse pendant is 1 1/2" from the top of the mane to the bottom. This does not include the bail because it is difficult to measure accurately. Note that this does add a bit more length. This pendant is also about 1 3/4" wide. The chain that you see is not included but you are more than welcome to add a chain if you would like. Please contact us if this is something you are interested in.

Please allow around four weeks for delivery of this horse pendant. Most likely, one will need to be made for you. Because this is a handcrafted piece of Native American jewelry, it does require a bit of time to make. Please let us know if you have any questions or need this by a specific date by calling 308-234-3313.

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