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David Rosales Large Beautiful Naja Pendant

P107 BB

$ 387.00

David Rosales Native American Jewelry

This is a large sterling silver pendant with beautiful inlay work. It comes from David Rosales Designs, our most popular line of Native American jewelry. This is one of those pieces that screams Native American jewelry as soon as you lay eyes on it. This horse-shoe shape is called a Naja, which is an important and historic symbol in Native American culture. You often see this shape as the centerpiece of a squash blossom necklace. With this pendant, you get a more contemporary and casual piece as opposed to a full-blown squash blossom necklace.

The inlay work is really stunning in this pendant. This is the Black Beauty Collection, made up of black jade and blue cultured opal. I really enjoy this collection because of how brightly the opal shines against the black jade. The colors stand out nicely, especially in the sunlight. These stones are inlaid in the 'fancy' style, meaning they are cut into the tiny details that you see here. An awful lot of time goes into this fancy inlay style and not a lot of artists can do this level of work. David Rosales and his team of Navajo artists are incredibly talented!

I mentioned above that this is a large pendant. It is 2 3/4" long from the top of the bail to the bottom. It measures just under 2 1/8" wide. This large sterling silver pendant will certainly not go unnoticed by those around you. Pair it with beads for even more panache.

Please allow around six weeks for delivery of this pendant. Because this is handcrafted Native American jewelry, each piece takes some time to create. If you have any questions regarding delivery time or anything else, please contact us at 308-234-3313.

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