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David Rosales Reversible Sonoran Turquoise Pendant

P573 SGT

$ 675.00

David Rosales Designs- Contemporary Turquoise Jewelry

I must say, this is one of the most fascinating pieces of Native American jewelry that we have ever had from David Rosales. It is such a wonderful piece that I am not sure where to begin its description. Let's start with the Sonoran Gold Turquoise that it has been inlaid with. This is a stone that began coming out of northern Mexico fairly recently. It has magnificent coloring that is predominantly green but can also include splotches of blue and yellow. Because it is so different from other types, Sonoran turquoise jewelry has been very popular. This pendant offers a kaleidoscope of color that is bright and eye-catching.

Moving on, we must talk about the distinct shape of this Sonoran turquoise pendant. Its vast curves and sharp points give this a feel of modern art. The shape is like an abstract Yeibichai, a god-like being vital in Navajo culture. This turquoise pendant is highly contemporary and really pushes the bounds of Native American jewelry.

One of the greatest features of this pendant is that it is reversible. When you are finished admiring the beautiful Sonoran turquoise, turn this around and you will find an entirely different look on the back. The bail and top portion are inlaid with black jade while the bottom has lovely silverwork. The silverwork has different designs, including a mountain scene. I think the incredible contrast between the two sides is one thing that makes this pendant such a standout piece. On the front, you have bright colors that demand attention. The backside is more subdued with elegant black and silver tones. It is two pendants in one and each side is meant for a different type of attire.

There is so much to love about this Sonoran turquoise pendant from David Rosales. I could honestly go on and on about this beautiful piece. In fact, I actually did just that in my dedicated blog post about this piece. If you would like to read more about this David Rosales Sonoran Turquoise Pendant you can right here.

To say that this turquoise pendant is a showpiece is an understatement. That is further emphasized by its grand size. It is 2 1/8" long, not including the bail. The bail adds something like another inch to the length. It is also 1 3/4" wide. This large size makes this perfect for a dressy occasion to build an outfit around.

There are two quick things to note before purchasing this piece. First, all of our David Rosales jewelry is handcrafted specifically for you. This process takes time and we kindly ask that you allow between four and six weeks for delivery. Also, due to the great variation in Sonoran Gold Turquoise, the pendant that you receive will not match this picture exactly. The stones will still have that bright green coloring but will not match this. That being said, I know this turquoise pendant will turn out wonderfully for you. If you are not satisfied you are welcome to contact us within 30 days of receiving it for a full return.

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