Currently All David Rosales Jewelry Requires 6 Weeks To Make

David Rosales Opal and CZ Ring

R046 BB

$ 330.00

David Rosales Inlaid Native American Ring

What a stunning ring! This was designed by David Rosales, our most popular line of Native American jewelry. David's designs are handcrafted by his team of Navajo Native American jewelry artists in Gallup, NM. While this is a new design for us, it has garnered a lot of attention in our store. Its colors are striking and the small CZ's add lots of sparkles!

This is the Black Beauty Collection which is made up of black jade and blue lab-created opal. I really enjoy the Black Beauty combination and have a couple of pieces in my own personal collection. The blue opal is bright in its own right but looks like a shining star next to the dark jade. These colors have an elegance that appeals to both men and women. This elegance seems to blend the borders between handcrafted Native American jewelry and more traditional fine jewelry. Don't forget the six small CZ's that surround the center opal stone. Take this ring out in the sunlight and all of these stones will sparkle with a tremendous allure. If you are in search of an eye-catching ring handcrafted with a unique style, look no further!

This sterling silver ring is a piece of handcrafted Native American jewelry. All of these pieces require time to create and therefore we kindly ask that you allow around six weeks for delivery. If you have any questions regarding the availability timeline or any other concerns, please give us a call at 308-234-3313.

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