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David Rosales Trendy White Buffalo Bracelet

BR101 WB

$ 207.00

David Rosales Designs - Inlaid White Buffalo Jewelry

This is a really interesting style from Native American jewelry artist David Rosales. It is a sterling silver cuff bracelet that goes around the bottom of your wrist, as opposed to the traditional cuff. With this design, you only see the two inlaid portions when looking from directly above. The top of your wrist is left exposed, giving this a more minimalistic look. This is certainly a trendy, modern style for a bracelet. It is functional as well because, unlike regular inlaid cuff bracelets, this can be adjusted for size, to an extent.

David Rosales used inlaid White Buffalo in this bracelet. White Buffalo is a stone mined in Nevada that is increasingly popular in Native American jewelry. It is less common and, thus, more exclusive than turquoise. Because of its modern look and versatility, we expect White Buffalo to continue to grow in popularity. You will definitely have fun seeing which colors pair best with this white and black stone!

Please keep in mind that White Buffalo has a great deal of variation in its appearance. Some stones have more or less black than others. Therefore, the bracelet that you receive will not match this picture exactly. Not to worry, however, these artists do a wonderful job with their White Buffalo jewelry. Also, David Rosales' Native American jewelry is all handcrafted after ordering. Because of the amount of time that goes into creating each piece, we do ask that you allow around 4 weeks for delivery. Please let us know if you have any questions by calling 308-234-3313.

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