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David Rosales Turquoise Band Ring

R021 AB

$ 192.00

David Rosales Designs - Contemporary Turquoise Jewelry

If you peruse our store for very long you will notice that we carry a lot of very intricate designs from David Rosales, our most popular designer of Native American jewelry. His designs are often prominent, striking, and not to go unnoticed. However, sometimes you need something a little more basic. Many people don't care for outlandish jewelry or are just looking for a casual accessory. Well, look no further because we have gone back to basics with this inlaid turquoise band ring. This has flat blue Kingman Turquoise inlaid in sterling silver. Each of these stones is cut and inlaid by hand, a time-consuming process. You can see that the artists separated each stone with a small silver bar, a nice touch that helps to break up the blue a bit. Otherwise, this is a no-frills band ring that you could happily wear every day. Sometimes, you actually get a lot more use out of the basics because they can be worn for so many different occasions. If you love turquoise jewelry then this turquoise band ring should be a fundamental piece in your collection.

Please allow around four weeks for the delivery of this turquoise ring. The process of handcrafting this ring specifically in your size does take some time. We appreciate your patience and promise that you will be overjoyed once it arrives. Please contact us at 308-234-3313 if you have any questions or concerns.

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