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Navajo Kingman Turquoise Pendant With Dense Matrix


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Discover Your New Favorite Turquoise Pendant

Are you searching for that special something that adds a pop to your outfit? Meet our Navajo Kingman Turquoise Pendant. It’s handmade by skilled Navajo artists from the American Southwest, and it’s a gorgeous piece of turquoise jewelry. The Kingman Turquoise stone is large and showy enough to be the centerpiece of your outfit.

The turquoise is an eye-catching blue with a few green spots—like the cloudless sky with a dash of the forest. It comes from Kingman, Arizona, where the rugged desert landscape has been home to this kind of stone for a long time. This stone’s got personality, with a unique pattern that makes sure no two are the same​​​​. Kingman Turquoise can vary greatly in appearance. This one has a dense matrix that is wonderful to look at.

Around the stone, there’s a silver design that looks like a rope, and the bail is neat too. It’s large enough for different kinds of chains or even the silver Navajo Pearls that are so popular. Plus, it’s got decorative stamping on it for an extra touch of something special.

This pendant is the kind that gets noticed—you’ll get comments, such as "Where did you get that?" and "I love your pendant!" when you wear it out. Furthermore, it’s not just for show; it’s made to last and be a part of your everyday look, no matter where you’re headed.

If you want to carry a piece of the Southwest around your neck and enjoy a splash of color that’s as unique as you are, this pendant’s waiting for you. You will never grow tired of wearing this wonderful turquoise stone!

This pendant is 2 1/2" long (including the bail) and 1 1/4" wide. It is a great size that will show up nicely.

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