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Textured Sterling Silver Ring by Gary Glandon


$ 79.00

Nebraska Handmade Jewelry

This ring was handmade right here at the Stagecoach by my father Gary Glandon. It is a sterling silver band with a wavy pattern and textured surface. Gary added this texture by repeatedly tapping the silver with a special hammer. This ring also has a slight anticlastic design, meaning that the width of the band curves somewhat. While this is nearly imperceptible to your eye, it adds an added level of comfort because there is less metal actually touching your finger. Slip the ring on and you will feel the pleasant roundedness on your finger.

We are very fortunate to have our very own silversmith here at the Stagecoach. As you can tell, Gary puts a lot of thought into his jewelry to make his pieces unique and comfortable. This band ring is a great casual piece that you can wear every day!

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