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Express Yourself with Handcrafted Native American Jewelry

Because Native American jewelry is so unique you will always find a style that fits you. Some artists focus on unusual silverwork with incredibly intricate designs. These can be dainty and feminine, or intensely masculine. Others use beautiful stones as the focal point of their pieces. While you can find many different stones used in Native American jewelry, turquoise is easily the most common. There are many different kinds of turquoise, each with its own character. Another popular stone in Native American jewelry is opal, because of how bright it shines. Take these outside in the sunlight and you will see how brilliant they are. Native American jewelry is truly a wonderful way to express your unique style.
Our most popular artist is David Rosales from Gallup, NM. David is well-known for his gorgeous color collections and elegant, modern designs. He continues to prove that Native American jewelry can be contemporary while still paying tribute to traditional styles. I encourage you to take a look at his different collections and see what really fits your tastes. My favorites are the Black Beauty and Amazing Light Collections because they are so striking and elegant. What's your favorite?
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