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Bora Persian Turquoise Pendant


Designs by Bora - Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

What a unique piece! This pendant features a a large Persian turquoise stone surrounded by a flowery design. Persian turquoise was one of the original types to ever be used. It dates back to the ancient Egyptian empire and was used in beautiful gold jewelry for highly important people, such as the Pharaohs. Persian turquoise is quite rare and not often seen in the United States. This particular stone has a lovely blue-green color with a dark brown matrix that flows throughout. On the reverse side of this pendant you can see the back of the turquoise stone. This is interesting because you can see that stones are cut differently in that part of the world. It has a rounded back as opposed to the usual flat back usually found in the United States.

Bora is an artist who lives in Brooklyn, NY and creates some of the most unique jewelry that I have ever seen. As with this pendant, he typically uses oxidized sterling silver with bronze accents. His designs often have a medieval look to them and you can certainly see the influence from his Turkish roots.

This pendant is 2" long and just over an inch wide. It includes its own 16" sterling silver chain that has also been oxidized to match the pendant.

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