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Tri-band Sonoran Gold Turquoise Ring


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Handmade Turquoise Jewelry

Wow, what a strikingly colorful turquoise ring! This is Sonoran Gold turquoise, which comes from Sonora, Mexico, close to the United States border. Since its discovery a few years ago, this stone has become one of our most popular types of turquoise! This is due to its unique green coloring. Sometimes this stone is completely green or completely blue. My favorite variety is what you see here, a mixture of the two colors. This stone has spots of blue on the left, right, and bottom. You see more of the intense green towards the center and top. Together, these colors stand out well and make for a striking ring.

This is a Native American ring that was handmade in sterling silver. The artist used a twisted design around the outside of the stone. This also has a tri-band design, meaning that the shank splits into three sections as it nears the top. This could work nicely as either a woman or man's turquoise ring.

The top of this ring is 3/4" wide and slightly more than that lengthwise. If you are in search of a turquoise ring with bright, deep colors, this will work perfectly for you!

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