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David Rosales Sonoran Turquoise Pendant

P817 SGT

$ 333.00

David Rosales Inlaid Native American Jewelry

David Rosales is always on the cutting edge of Native American jewelry. His designs are modern and unique and he is always looking for new ways to be innovative in the industry. His early use of Sonoran Gold Turquoise is one way that David Rosales is pushing his jewelry to new and different levels. Sonoran Turquoise is a new mine located just across the border of Mexico. It is known for its intense green coloring with a gold matrix. You often see blue mixed in as well, which gives this stone a great variety of color. 

You can read more about Sonoran Gold Turquoise here.

Beyond the beautiful Sonoran Turquoise, you also see some simple silverwork. There are silver bars on both sides, each with a little detailing. These add to the width of the pendant and help emphasize its slightly angled sides. However, it is quite minimalistic in order to not detract from the inlay work. This turquoise pendant has a modern look that packs a lot of color into a small package. It is a piece that you will reach for on a daily basis.

This Sonoran Turquoise pendant is 1 1/2" top to bottom (not including the bail) and 3/4" wide. The chain pictured is for display purposes only and is not included. However, you are welcome to add a chain if you would like. Please contact us and we can help find a fitting one.

Please note that every piece of David Rosales jewelry is handcrafted upon ordering. Therefore, please allow around four weeks for your pendant to be made. Also, because of the vast variation in Sonoran Turquoise your pendant will not match this exactly. The overall size and shape will be the same but the stones will look different. That being said, David and his team always take great care to ensure that every piece is gorgeous. Please contact us at 308-234-3313 if you have any questions.

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