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Differentiate Yourself With Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

Sonoran Turquoise has an absolutely stunning color. It is known for its intense green coloring with a gold matrix that often runs through the stone. You will sometimes find splotches of blue mixed in as well. It has a lot of diversity and no two stones are the same. Sonoran Gold Turquoise is very unique and unlike most other types of turquoise. It has a lot of character and really draws attention. Since we introduced it at the Stagecoach, it has been really popular and has drawn a lot of wonderful feedback. It seems like almost everyone notices this stone because of how different it looks.
Take a look at our lovely collection of Sonoran Turquoise. We have a lot of different pieces and have the ability to get more if you are looking for something in particular. We have pieces from David Rosales and other Native American jewelry artists and each one is handcrafted with a distinctive look. If you would like more information about Sonoran Gold Turquoise, be sure to read our article that dives into where it comes from and some of its unique characteristics. We are really excited about this new stone and hope that you are as well.