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Nebraska's Finest Turquoise Jewelry & Western Gifts Store

Nebraska's Finest Turquoise Jewelry & Western Gift Store

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About Us
The Stagecoach was started in 1973 by Jim and Joyce Glandon in Kearney Nebraska. Their son, Gary, and his wife, Susan, have been providing travelers through Nebraska with unique and wonderful gifts and jewelry for many years. If you’re interested in one-of-a-kind Native American and turquoise jewelry, you won’t find a better selection anywhere in Nebraska. While handcrafted jewelry is one of the Stagecoach’s fortes, there are many other wonderful gift items, such as Minnetonka Moccasins, Native American pottery, and Kearney Nebraska souvenirs and t-shirts. Kearney is a great stop on your way through Nebraska and we love meeting new people every single day. Stop by and say hello!
Stagecoach - Kearney, NE
Authentic Turquoise Jewelry
Turquoise has been used in jewelry for thousands of years and is still incredibly popular today. Because of its popularity, fake turquoise is very common nowadays and can often be difficult to spot. At the Stagecoach, you can be sure that you will always find authentic American Turquoise of the very highest quality. We hand-pick each and every turquoise stone to ensure you are getting a piece you can truly be proud of. At the Stagecoach, you can find turquoise from some of the world’s most well-known mines, such as Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Kingman, Number 8, Royston, and others. And of course, every piece of turquoise jewelry is completely handcrafted. 

Handcrafted Native American Jewelry

At the Stagecoach, we specialize in beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Native American jewelry from some of the finest artists in the country, such as David Rosales, Les Baker, Effie Calavaza, and many others. Because each piece is handmade, you know your jewelry will be original and completely different from anything you’ve ever seen. Beyond Native American jewelry, we even make several of our pieces right here at the Stagecoach. Thirty years ago, Les Baker invited Gary Glandon to come to New Mexico to learn silversmithing from the Native Americans.Gary has been making his own jewelry ever since and we are so proud to have such a talented artist creating handcrafted jewelry right here at the Stagecoach. He can even custom make jewelry just for you!