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Celestial Shard Dagger Pendant by Skylar Glandon


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The Celestial Shard Dagger Pendant is said to be forged from a fragment of a fallen star, its blade honed in the light of a lunar eclipse and cooled in the tears of the goddess Nyx. The opal set at its hilt was plucked from the very fabric of the night sky, capturing the nebulous dance of constellations within its depths. It is whispered that the bearer of this pendant wields the tranquil power of the cosmos, guiding them through darkness with an otherworldly glow.

This dagger pendant was handmade by Skylar Glandon right here at Stagecoach. It is solid sterling silver that has been oxidized for a dark, antique look. The dagger's hilt is hollow, with triangles cut out to make it see-through. The top of the hilt has a genuine opal set pointing upward toward the wearer. This opal contrasts nicely with the dark silver coloring and adds a splash of color.

The Celestial Shard Dagger Pendant was a difficult piece to make. It required hours of planning and design just to figure out how to construct something like this. Many aspects of this pendant took special engineering considerations in order to be made. For example, the triangular design cut into the hilt had to line up just right so that the twisted wire for the chain could pass through at the correct angle. This hilt began as a flat sheet of silver that Skylar had to laboriously round into a circular shape. There were also some tricky elements to solder in this pendant, such as the bezel to hold the opal. This pendant required a lot of planning and skill to create.

The Celestial Shard Dagger Pendant was a project that Skylar obsessed about for weeks before ever picking up a piece of silver. This is a piece of jewelry unlike anything he has made before. If you want a piece of jewelry that is incredibly unique and loaded with character, this will be the perfect fit. You certainly won't see another one like this.

Note, this pendant is 3 3/4 inches long, and the guard is 1 1/8 inches wide. It has a considerable length that will make a statement. The blade is not sharpened on both sides, though the tip is pointy.