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Colorful Sandhill Crane T-Shirt

$ 23.98

Kearney, NE Sandhill Crane Souvenirs

This Sandhill Crane T-Shirt is a wonderful souvenir for your travels to Kearney, NE. The design is bright and colorful and does a great job showing these birds in all of their beauty. I really love the gorgeous sunset that is depicted because it is so indicative of Nebraska. The birds appear to be in the Platte River, which is their common nesting ground at night. You will find the words "Sandhill Crane Migration, Kearney, Nebraska" printed towards the bottom. I think this is one of the prettiest Sandhill Crane shirts that I have ever seen.

The shirt itself is 100% cotton and has a slight tie-dye look. These are all printed and dyed in the USA. Don't miss out on this wonderful souvenir!

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