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Copper Heart With Skull Pendant - Gary Glandon


$ 70.00

Nebraska Handmade Jewelry

As many of our followers know, my father, Gary Glandon, makes his own jewelry right here at the Stagecoach. He spends most of his time making turquoise jewelry in much the same way that the Native Americans make theirs. However, I think any true artist feels the need to branch out and experiment from time to time. This pendant represents one of those times that Gary got really creative.

This is a copper heart pendant that Gary handmade with a really neat style. Around the outside, you see some fun detailing that he added using a stamp. These little marks were pounded on one after the other. The copper heart also has a texture that comes from dozens of taps from a specialized hammer. Even the bail is unusual here, with a twisted wire look. To top it all off, Gary added a sterling silver skull charm. I think this gives the whole pendant a Victorian-like style with a slightly whimsical flare. The silver contrasts nicely with the copper and the whole piece is fun and different.

Copper jewelry has become really popular because of the associated health benefits. Knowing that this copper pendant was handmade right here at the Stagecoach makes this piece even better!