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Dainty Circular Turquoise Earrings by Gary Glandon


$ 59.00

Embrace Everyday Elegance: Dainty Circular Turquoise Earrings by Gary Glandon

Embrace the beauty of simplicity with the Dainty Circular Turquoise Earrings by Gary Glandon. These lightweight, sterling silver earrings are the epitome of everyday elegance. Handcrafted with careful attention to detail, they embody a trendy style that values comfort as much as charm.

Each earring features a delicate circular design, with a cutout center that adds a touch of sophistication. A tiny round turquoise stone adorns the bottom, injecting a subtle splash of color that enhances the earrings' allure without overwhelming their dainty charm.

The silver has been artfully textured using a special jewelry hammer, adding a unique tactile element that contrasts beautifully with the smooth turquoise stone. But the real beauty of these earrings lies in their wearability. They are as comfortable as they are attractive, with solid sterling silver hooks that allow for amusing movement.

Perfect for daily wear, these earrings will gently sway as you move, their subtle sparkle catching the light. They're a testament to the appeal of handmade jewelry, offering a blend of style and comfort that is hard to resist.

These turquoise earrings are roughly 1" across and will dangle 1 1/2" down from your ears.