Currently All David Rosales Jewelry Requires 6 Weeks To Make

David Rosales Amazonite Arrow Pendant

P935 AL

$ 288.00

David Rosales Designs - The Finest Contemporary Native American Jewelry

Isn't this an absolutely gorgeous pendant? It comes from David Rosales' Amazing Light Collection, which consists of amazonite and created opal stones. These Native American jewelry artists cut and set each stone entirely by hand and no two pieces are exactly alike. This collection has a very vibrant look and is one of our most popular. David Rosales always has such a knack for creating elegant and innovative looks in his Native American jewelry.

This pendant is handcrafted in sterling silver by Native American jewelry artists in New Mexico. Because of the amount of work involved in making this piece, please allow 4 weeks for delivery. If we have it in stock we will send it to you right away. If not we will have one made for you. Let me know if you have any questions at 308-234-3313.