Currently All David Rosales Jewelry Requires 6 Weeks To Make

David Rosales Blue Sky Feather Pendant

P277 BS

$ 123.00

David Rosales Designs - Handcrafted Native American Jewelry

If you are looking for Native American jewelry that is contemporary and stylish then you will have a hard time beating David Rosales. His designs are trendy and there is a piece for everyone. Take this pendant, for example. This has Lapis Lazuli, Denim Lapis, and created-opal stones inlaid into a sterling silver feather design. These colors give off a soft, but bright tone. There is some nice contrast here as well. The dark blue Lapis is brightened up by the opal. I actually prefer this look to jewelry with just the dark Lapis Lazuli. David Rosales loves bringing lots of color to his Native American jewelry and this is certainly no exception.

Feather jewelry is really popular right now and David has added his own style to this. This pendant is also dainty and is great for people of all ages. You can wear this casually because it is small and definitely not gaudy. This is a perfect modern piece of Native American jewelry that will really compliment your collection. 

This feather pendant is just over 2" long and just under 1/2' wide. It is dainty but won't go unseen while you are wearing it. It is lightweight and really fun!

The chain that you see pictured is not included. If you would like to add a chain to this pendant please contact us and we can help find one to your liking. We do ask that you allow around four weeks to receive this pendant. All of David's Native American jewelry is handcrafted and does take some time. If by chance, we have this pendant in stock, we will send it to you right away. Most likely, however, one will need to be made for you. If there is a specific date that you need this by please contact us at 308-234-3313 to see if we can get it to you in time.