Currently All David Rosales Jewelry Requires 6 Weeks To Make

David Rosales Indian Summer Yei Pendant

P548 IS

$ 459.00

David Rosales Designs - The Finest Contemporary Native American Jewelry

David Rosales has really outdone himself with this pendant. David is one of the very top Native American jewelry artists in the country and continuously creates stunning designs. He is well-known for his different collections that are often very unique and make creating matching sets easy. This is called the Indian Summer Collection and it is a grouping of classic Southwestern colors. It has turquoise, spiny oyster shell, and lapis lazuli stones set in sterling silver. There is also the purple Sugilite and lime-green Gaspeite that completes the look.

What makes this pendant so special is the incredible degree of detail that the stones are inlaid with. Keep in mind that all of these stones and cut and fit together entirely by hand. There are not a lot of artists, even in the immensely talented Native American jewelry community, that can do inlay work at this level. This pendant is certainly beautiful, but you cannot truly appreciate it until you understand the artistry that goes into creating it. David Rosales and his team of Native American jewelry artists really are some of the very finest in the world.

Because of the amount of work that goes into this piece, we ask that you please allow about 4 weeks to receive. If we have this in stock we will send it to you right away. If not, we will have a matching one made just for you. Being handcrafted Native American jewelry, this process does take some time. Please contact us if you have any questions at 308-234-3313.