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David Rosales Looped Sonoran Gold Turquoise Pendant

P985 SGT

$ 309.00

David Rosales Designs - Beautiful Inlaid Sonoran Gold Turquoise Jewelry

Sonoran Gold Turquoise is quickly becoming one of our most popular stones! It is mined in Mexico and has the beautiful green coloring that you see in this pendant. It often has some bits of gold sprinkled throughout the stones as well, giving this a unique look. Sonoran Gold Turquoise is so much different than most other types that it really draws attention. You can read all about our Sonoran Gold Turquoise jewelry here in our article that goes into great detail.

This pendant comes from David Rosales Designs, a team of Native American jewelry artists from New Mexico. We have known David Rosales for many years and his jewelry is really outstanding. This design of this turquoise pendant has a loop with an opening in the middle. It is an interesting design that has some flare but is not gaudy or overdone. Even the bail is inlaid with turquoise, which I think makes this stand out so much more. The amount of thought that goes into David's work is always incredible.

The pendant measures 2" X 3/4".

Please allow around four weeks for the delivery of this pendant. This is handcrafted Native American jewelry and each piece takes some time to create. If we happen to have this in stock we will send it to you right away. If you need this by a certain date please contact us and we can tell you if it is something that can be done. A couple more things to note, the chain that you see is not included. If you would like to add a chain please call and we can help you with that. Also, each Sonoran Gold Turquoise stone looks a little different and, therefore, the pendant that you receive may not match this perfectly. The stones may differ somewhat, but I promise it will be beautiful nonetheless!